Tips When Starting DIY Bathroom Renovation

It would certainly add a breath of fresh air on your homes when you are going to somehow change how your bathroom looks. A simple DIY bathroom renovation will surely do the trick, and you will definitely be pleased with all the wonderful things that you are about to see when the project is finished. With the thought of DIY bathroom renovation, then you can definitely deal with cabinet refacing, putting up of new tiles, and adding some countertops in your bathroom so that you can fully get the look you have ultimately planned for it. You can expect that after careful consideration, the finished product is something that you will totally be pleased to see.

It would be essential that you take the necessary precaution so that you can carefully lay out the plans that you wish for your bathroom to have. Having all the essential materials and safety nets will make you feel that the work will go on as planned. All these are matters which you will have to carefully consider.

DIY Bathroom Renovation

It occurred to me today that if we don’t get a move on this JSH Home Tour, we’ll never get through the rest of the Suburbialand house before we’re on to the Coastal Crafstman in less than a month!  So today, to celebrate FriYAY, we’re going through the deets of our DIY Bathroom Renovation.  I do not call this the “Master Bath” out of habit now, as one of our builders banned us from using the word “master” to describe bathrooms or bedrooms.  If you think of the connotations, I get it.  Just a little PC tip for you.  So anywho, here’s the journey of our DIY bathroom renovation, from cabinet refacing, to countertops, to new tile, to trim work, to a new tub…  and allllll the way to the beautiful finished product!  Without further ado, our DIY bathroom renovation! Click this link to learn more about DIY Bathroom Renovation…

As you embark on your journey of finally getting the renovation that your bathroom deserves, you must be well informed about what the latest trend is, and that you need to also be certain whether the trend that you are planning to copy will last for a longer period of time. All these matters are needed in order that you will get the right kind of look that you think is best for your bathroom.

Bathroom Renovation Trends

In many cases homeowners are opting to forego the bathtub to increase the space in in the bathroom. Although some realtors might advise that this could impact resales, as more people are planning to stay in their homes, they are renovating to suite their own needs. However, when tubs are updated the trend is towards free standing models.

Radiant floor heating is becoming more mainstream, which also means tile floors are increasingly popular.

Custom vanities are in demand, designed to meet the homeowner’s requirements for space and to match the design of the room as a whole, whether it’s sleek and minimalist or more traditional.

In many older homes the bathroom was designed for function rather than aesthetics, and invariably it’s a small, dark and dreary space. However tiles, paint and accessories can all contribute to creating the appearance of a larger and definitely brighter room.

The ‘Before and After’ of this Style at Home bathroom can be seen here.

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You will need to take pictures of how your bathroom looks before the renovation has taken place so that you can see for yourself how great the changes were when you started the DIY renovation. There are so many important things that you will have to carefully consider so that you can be assured that the best and right outcome will come to fore.