Bathroom Tiling Tips and Tricks

We may all be carpenters and builders on this site, but it is sometimes useful to widen our horizons, and get a better understanding of what may happen after we have built the room or structure. A common example is with a newly constructed or remodeled bathroom. The type and style of bathroom tiles used can have a huge impact on the final look and experience of the bathroom.

When it comes to your choice of bathroom tiles, there are so many options to try out and experiment on. They come in various colors, different shapes and sizes, different designs and patterns, and they even come in different materials as well. Tiling or re-tiling your bathroom itself could add overall value to your home and this is why it is very important to take some time into really thinking through on what kind of tiles you will use on your bathroom floor and walls.

If you are thinking of durability and resistance to general bathroom dampness, what you need are ceramic tiles. Since they are generally resistant to dampness, they are very safe and easy to walk on, even when wet. Also, they are very easy to clean , ensuring that stains will not be absorbed easily into the tiles, leaving permanent damage and stains.

Because ceramic tiles come in practically all shapes and sizes and as well as designs and patterns, the number of different design options is virtually limitless. Below are some tips and tricks and creative ideas that you can use for yourself:

  1. If you choose solid colors for your tiles, add a little spice to it by adding a border to it but in a different solid color or pattern. You can even alternate the borders with solid but different colors to create your own unique pattern. The alternating colors will not only add an interesting flair but will also give your bathroom a nice, multiple color scheme that you can try out.
  1. If you decide on using just the same color or pattern of tiles for your whole bathroom, give it an interesting effect by choosing different sizes, be it alternating or be it different size for the wall and another size for the floor. If you don’t have different sizes on the other hand, make a visual break from the pattern by creating a parallel effect with your tile patterns by installing the floors on the tiles diagonally while going vertical for the wall.
  1. Another creative idea that could add an interesting flare to your plain tiled floor would be to choose a different color grout from your tile. By choosing a contrasting color that stands out, it creates a border-like visual with each square tile. This will give the bathroom a unique color scheme.
  1. And last but not the least, to tie up your whole bathroom, decorate your bathroom with the same color scheme as your tiles. If you choose green tiles, then make sure to choose green accents for your bathroom things and accessories. This will make the whole room look put-together.

By following these tips, you will be able to style your bathroom however you like, to add a certain “Whoa” factor to your new bathroom. If you are looking for the best bathroom tilers in Sydney, call the Sydney Bathroom Reno Masters on (02) 8607 8041.