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Number One quality bathroom renovators in Blacktown. We are experts in all aspects of bathroom design, remodelling and makeovers - from small bathroom makeovers through to luxury bathroom redesigns and large bathroom makeovers.

Bathroom Remodelers & Renovators

Do you have an old-ridden, worn-out, damaged or outdated bathroom? Do you want to make it the most adorable part of your modern home? Are you looking for a company that will help you achieve this dream? If you are, we are your most trusted bathroom remodelers and renovators. With a perfect blend of experience, reputation, skills, and professionalism, we have all it takes to provide you with the bathroom of your dreams.

Our primary goal is to provide our ever-growing client population with quality products and workmanship, and this is the main reason why our reputation has remained unbeaten for decades.

We provide repair and replace:

  • Showers
  • Tap-wares
  • Vanities and basins
  • Toilets
  • Towels and handrails
  • Bathtubs
  • Light fittings

We are curious, investigative, and research oriented. We, therefore, move with the trends; hence we can update your bathroom with the latest fittings and fixtures before any other company. We have also developed innovative ways to deal with common bathroom problems. Come to us and get a free quote today!

Bathroom Renovations

We believe that our client should not spend all his saving or break his bank to have the bathroom of his dreams. For this reason, we use a competitive pricing strategy that ensures we provide the best services that complement our client’s budget.

For as mid-range bathroom renovation, expect to pay $15,000-$20,000, while you will pay anything between $25,000 and $40,000 for a mid-range and high-end bathroom renovation. However, different factors influence our pricing including:

  • What level of skill is required to complete the project?
  • How many hours will we spend on the project?
  • What products do we need and what are their prices in your local market?
  • How many technicians will we bring on board?

Our Bathroom Renovations

You are excited about renovating your bathroom and make it the most adorable piece of art in your compound, right? But are you ready to chuck out a whopping $35,000? Probably not. We will, however, help you realise your dreams through our bathroom renovation services. We will:

  • Resurface and refinish surfaces instead of replacing them
  • Update outdated fixtures instead of renovating the whole bathroom
  • Suggest to you ways that will completely change your bathroom without having to spend a fortune.

Our small bathroom renovations

Having a small bathroom can be disappointing sometimes. You try to look for storage space, but you just can’t find it. Being one of the most important elements in your modern home, your bathroom needs to be spacious. We will renovate your small bathroom and make it appear larger, and eye-catching. We;

  • Install shower curtains instead of doors
  • Float vanities and other elements
  • Paint the bathroom with bright colours
  • Suggest other ways that can help you get the best out of your small bathroom.

If you need to have the bathroom you have always dreamed of, call us as soon as now!

Bathroom Design

Having employed the best bathroom designers, we will surely provide you with a bathroom design that suits all your needs and complements your dreams. We use state-of-the-art design equipment; thus our design visualisations are hard to beat. When you call, we will first organise a meeting with you and discuss the details of the project. You can choose to visit us, or you can virtually engage with us. We believe that a client owns the project; hence we should give him a listening ear so that we can understand the details of exactly what is required.

When you are in the meeting with us;

  • We will discuss the design goals of the project and review the budget
  • We will share the measurements of the design, and determine what inspired the design
  • We will visualise the design

After the meeting;

  • Our experts will give you a 3D visualisation of the design
  • You will be given an opportunity to personalise the design
  • We will assess the design and determine how our products will work on it.

We will then take you to our showroom and give you an opportunity to interact with your design. If you like it, we will go ahead and execute it for you on the ground. We will also give you an opportunity to make changes to the design, or request a new design. Call us today and experience nothing but the best.

Tile Contractor

Quality Bathroom Tilers

Nothing makes a bathroom more beautiful than choosing the best tiles. Having a broad range of tiles in the market today, it has become challenging to determine the best. However, when you work with us, you will be on your way to having a fascinating wall and floor tiles in the neighbourhood.

Our tiling services include;

  • Self-levelling
  • Waterproofing
  • Grouting applications and,
  • Floor preparation

Interestingly, we offer a whopping 7-year guarantee on all our tiling services!

Our Tile Resurfacing Services

We know that replacing all the tiles in your bathroom is an expensive affair. Since we care for you, we are quick to suggest and offer tile resurfacing services, especially when you are working on a tight budget. This is an economical way that changes the overhaul appearance of your bathroom without a price tag.

Call us today and experience the best tile resurfacing services that will give your bathroom a whole new look, and nobody will believe that the tiles were not replaced.

Sydney Bathroom Reno Masters

Is choosing the best ideas for bathroom remodelling service causing difficulty in sleeping? Are you currently thinking about remodelling your existing bathroom? Or do you plan on constructing a new bathroom? Like lots of people, your desire is not only to have a completely functional bathroom but also, a sophisticated bath area. However, selecting the most appropriate company is often rather tasking. Who do you talk to? Which renovator has the best service? How do you locate an affordable service? Well, do not worry anymore. You only need to speak with us today. Why Us? Because of the following:


One of the key goals of finding an excellent renovator is reputation. What do the people say about the contractor? How efficient is the bathroom tiler? What sort of comments and reviews do customers give in regards to the renovation expert? How does the remodelling company handle customers? These questions play a crucial role in locating a reliable and trustworthy renovator. You should not spend the majority of your time following up or arguing using a contractor, right?

Best bathroom renovator in the Western suburbs. I've used Sydney Bathroom Reno Masters on all 3 of my investment properties. Always do a great job whether it's just a small bathroom Reno or simple shower door replacement through to full bathroom remodels. Just a great building contractor.

Donald Pierre


When searching for a good firm to carry out renovations in the bathroom, people always need to receive quality service. And to become assured with this is by getting together with a professional renovator. For several years, have offered first class service in the area as well as beyond. Our firm boasts of a team of dedicated and skilled contractors who leave nothing to chance. We always talk with leading firms and professionals to ensure our service not just meets but also exceed the set standards.

We are an established company with a solid history in this competitive industry. Thanks to our many years of experience, we have the ability to offer top-notch services, and there is a myriad of referrals available to you both online and offline.

Service Range

Our firm provides a broad range of bathroom renovation to cater for any need. We undertake minor repairs, major renovations and also complete overhaul. So that you can assure the client of quality services, we employ the latest cutting edge techniques. Also, we use genuine products which have been tested and proven to work and safe. This guarantees a client of excellent service that can last for years.

Award Winning Designs

An award speaks volumes about a product or service. For many years now, our bathroom designs have worn tremendous awards both locally and beyond. This is simply because they comply with all your needs, and involve skilled craft. Since we came into business many years ago, all our designs that have been tested have proven to be extremely functional and have served their purpose for a long time. This explains why we are the most recognizable bathroom renovations company in Blacktown.

Licenses and Insurances

We have all the insurances, licenses and permits we need to run a thriving bathroom renovations company in Blacktown. We believe in the legitimacy of our business hence we are quick to produce and give you copies of these important documents before we sign any contract with you. Additionally, we offer warranties on all our products as stipulated by the Office of Fair Trading warranties. You can, therefore, trust that our products will serve you for a lifetime whereas saving you a substantial amount of money on maintenance costs.

Completion Times

Can you imagine working with a company that will finish project months beyond the time specified in the contract? This will inconvenience you, right? We believe that your home is a haven where everyone gets peace of mind after a long day of hassles and tassels hence it should always be in order. We endeavour to complete your project within the time specified in the contract to avoid any inconveniences to you and your loved ones.

In case unexpected delays come up as a result of various unpreventable reasons, we will inform you in advance and still ensure we complete the work in the shortest time possible.

Professional and Highly Skilled Tradespeople

Being a member of various professional bodies, our tradespeople are guided by strong ethics and standards thus; you can feel comfortable having them in your compound. They are formally trained on the job hence they have all the skills set to ensure that a bathroom design of your choice is built or renovated in the best way possible and in the shortest time.

For a fact, they will not leave your compound until they are confident that you are satisfied with their work. In case there are issues you need to be fixed on an already completed project, they will be delighted to work on the instantly at no additional charges! They will also do a comprehensive inspection of the project and ensure it is made to perfection, and that your home will be the next big thing in Blacktown.


Many potential customers face challenges while searching for bathrooms tiler. With the many details out there, it is hard to separate the truth from the hype. One of the best ways of having the right facts is reading various reviews with regards to a vendor. Since establishment, our firm has gotten numerous reviews from all quarters. By exploring the reviews, it can be clear why we remain a high choice for many people. We have been praised for offering professional, top-quality, safe, affordable, plus reliable services.

Selecting a good bathroom renovator should not be a difficult task. Also, you shouldn’t spend too much time or energy fretting about the proper service. These aspects should inspire you to talk to us today. We take pride in being among the most revered firms in the area regarding remodelling and renovating bathrooms. No task or bathroom is simply too big for our team. More information about our service, simply visit us online or phone us. Talk to us today and experience what stress-free bathroom renovation and remodelling is.

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