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Today, there are thousands of bathroom renovation ideas that you can find on the market. Whether your dream is to transform a bathroom in your stately Sydney home into a modern piece of art that will attract excellent attention, change it into your private spa, or all you are looking for are strategies to fully modernize your bathing space, getting professional renovation assistance is of an essence. Not only will it help you execute your idea into an actionable plan, but it will also assist in determining the best solutions that are right for the bathroom you have always dreamed of.

In Sydney, there are hundreds of bathroom renovation companies. Through 3D adverts and viral social media marketing strategies, they promise the unimaginable to their target consumers. All they do is promise heaven, by persuading prospective clients that they will renovate their bathrooms to perfection. This has therefore made it extremely difficult for you to narrow down your many choices and choose a company that you can trust to work in your home.

For a fact, a professional bathroom renovation company should be more or less a “jack of all trades”. It should be able to provide the following services industriously.

Bathroom Design

A professional bathroom renovation company should be able to create all types of bathrooms to suit your needs. Its design consultants should visit your home, measure the spaces, and discuss all the requirements. Whether you need a minimalist, modern, or classic bathroom for your property, a good company should be able to design it for you.  It should provide plans in;

  • 3D visualizations
  • CAD models and,
  • Hand-drawn designs specially crafted to bring a personal touch

Apart from showing you the designs on paper, an excellent bathroom renovation company should have a showroom where different bathroom designs are displayed. You should be able to go through all these plans and select the best that will front your Sydney home bathroom ahead of the luxurious world which has become highly competitive.

The company should then fulfil the design requirement by providing detailed documents that show;

  • The product proposal design which is a summary of the images, styles and colours that will be used in your project.
  • The floor plan design which is an account of the flooring of your bathroom and,
  • A 3 D visual of the end product. With this document, you will be able to visualize how your bathroom will look like, hence helping you judge whether the design will suit your needs or not.

Shower repairs and shower screen installations

To give the bathroom in your ultra-modern Sydney home an elegant look, installing super-quality shower screen is an excellent option. A professional bathroom renovations company should be able to provide the best and highly personalized shower screen installation and repair services using cutting edge construction and waterproofing materials. It should provide;

  • Shower sealing services
  • Installation of new showers and bath renovations
  • Water damage repair services
  • Glass shower screens installations (semi-frameless and frameless shower screens)
  • Detection and repair of leaking showers

Disconnection of existing pipes and fixtures

For you to do a complete bathroom renovation in your Sydney home, you need someone to carefully disconnect existing fixtures and pipes. A professional bathroom renovations company should have trained and experienced manpower to get the job done. Additionally, it should have high-tech equipment that will enable easy removal without causing any damage.

Demolition and removal

If you need a new bathroom that will add glamor to your elegant Sydney home, all you need is a company that will demolish and remove your old one without causing problems to the entire house. A good bathroom renovations company should have the right professionals and machinery to do an outstanding job for you

24/7 Toilet installation and replacement services

Sydney is known to be a hotbed of toilet problems. This is the main reason why a professional local bathroom renovations company should be able to provide toilet installation and replacement services 24 hours a day and 7 hours a week. The company should understand that a leaking toilet can be the most disappointing thing for any Sydney homeowner hence it should be treated as an emergency.

Whether the leak in your toilet is caused by a worn out flapper valve, base rubble, or ball valve, a good company should always have an instant solution to solve it in time. Its experts should come to your home armed with the necessary equipment and products in case the problem calls for a major repair or replacement of the whole system.

Supply and installation of heating, ventilation and lighting

For your modern bathroom to function well, lighting, heating and ventilation are crucial. A good bathroom renovation company should be able to supply and install these requirements. It should have the technicians with broad knowledge on how these systems work hence enabling them to efficiently position them in a way that they will not bring undesirable problems in future.

Primary tab and sink installations and repair

Well, a bathroom without a modern bath tub and sink cannot qualify to fit in the 21st century. For this reason, a professional bathroom renovations contractor should be able to install a basic tab and sink for your bathroom and fully transform its appearance.

In an event where your existing tub or sink has a leakage problem, the company should be able to detect the problem and know how to deal with it in the shortest time possible effectively.

Floor and tiling installation

The floor is undoubtedly one of the most important parts of a modern bathroom. A professional bathroom renovations company should present a broad range of flooring and tiling solutions to its clients hence providing them with an opportunity to select the best that will suit their preferences. Moreover, it should employ staff to support the materials, colour, selections, and the overall flooring plan. It should be able to use the best materials such as marble, mosaic, and tiles that have the ability to withstand high levels of moisture.

Bathroom waterproofing

A poorly waterproofed bathroom develops unsightly problems such as mildew and mould which can result in unexpected maintenance costs. A professional bathroom renovations company should specialise in waterproofing all bathroom areas that are prone to overflow, water exposure and condensation.

Characteristics of a Professional Bathroom Renovations Company 


All the products used should conform to its core requirement. In Sydney, the products used should have a Standards Australia mark of quality. The products should;

  • Be aesthetically appealing
  • Be made of high-end materials
  • Have the necessary documentation including a user’s manual
  • Be friendly to the environment
  • Be consistent with the context, and the culture of the client
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All the products that a bathroom renovations company offer should serve their intended purpose; they must function. They must do what they are intended to do at a particular time. For example, a water heater should heat water to your satisfaction once you hit the button.


All the products used should have the capacity to serve their intended purpose for a long time. A good bathroom renovations company should make use of materials that will serve its clients for a long period without compromising functionality.


For a fact, quality goes hand in hand with affordability. A bathroom renovations company serving Sydney residents should use materials in which quality and price do not oppose each other, but rather, complement one another. Price should not be a determinant of quality, but every resident should be able to purchase the best he/she can afford without compromising quality.


Products used by a bathroom renovations company should be easy to use. A good product is one which any person can use regardless of age or the level of education. This means that even if you live with your 90-old grandmother in your Sydney home, she can be able to use the bath tab in your absence without having to give you a call for instructions.


Renovating your bathroom and making it a haven for you and your loved ones. However, if the right products were not used, maintaining it will be a costly venture for you. A professional Sydney bathroom renovations company should use products that are easy to maintain such as installing fixtures that can be cleaned with a simple detergent.


This is the most important characteristic of products that a bathroom renovations company should use. It should do more good than harm to their end-users. Whereas bathroom remodelling products are becoming more sophisticated, their safety is becoming an issue of concern in Sydney. A professional company should use products that are not hazardous to their end-users. For instance, it should supply and install fixtures that can be tightly fixed, hence cannot fall off and cause regrettable injuries. Products with sharp edges compromise safety and should also be avoided.

If you need a bathroom that will transform the overall interior finish of your modern Sydney home, consider signing a contract with a bathroom renovations company that offer all the above services, and that supplies and installs products with the above characteristics. By doing this, you will never go wrong in making your bathroom an excellent modern piece of art that will act as an example for many to follow.

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