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Number One quality bathroom renovators in Liverpool. We are experts in all aspects of bathroom design, remodelling and makeovers - from small bathroom makeovers through to luxury bathroom redesigns and large bathroom makeovers.

Is finding the best bathroom remodelling service causing you sleepless nights? Have you been considering remodelling your existing bathroom? Or do you plan on developing a new one? Like many individuals, your desire is not only to have a completely functional bathroom but also, a stylish bath area. However, deciding on the best company could be very tasking. Who do you talk to? Which renovator has the best service? How will you get an affordable service? Well, there is no need to worry anymore. You simply need to talk to us today. Why Us? Mainly because of these:


Certainly, one of the key goals to find an excellent renovator is reputation. What do the people say about the contractor? How efficient is the bathroom tiller? What sort of comments and reviews do customers give about the renovation expert? How well does the remodelling firm handle customers? These questions play a vital role to locate a trustworthy and reliable renovator. You do not want to spend your time following up or arguing with a contractor, right?


When looking for a firm to carry out renovations within the bathroom, people always desire to receive quality service. And the only way of being assured on this is as simple as talking to a professional renovator. For countless years, we’ve been offering high-quality services in the community and beyond. Our firm provides a crew of dedicated and skilled contractors who leave nothing to chance. We always talk with leading firms and professionals to ensure our service not only meets but also exceed the set standards.

Having worked on thousands of projects over the years, you can be sure that no matter how complicated your bathroom renovation idea is, we will never lack an answer to it. We will execute it in a way that all your needs and preferences will be met. This is because to us, you are the most important partner, and your satisfaction is our ultimate joy.


Professionalism is the basis in which the success of a company is measured. For you to have the best out of your bathroom remodelling project, choosing a highly professional company for the job is not an option. The following are the qualities that make us a highly professional bathroom renovations company;

  • We employ staff with formal education and training on the job
  • We are a respectable member of many professional bodies
  • We offer outstanding customer care services
  • We assess the situation on the ground before giving you a free quote
  • Our clients are always the most important stakeholders

Choosing a company that portrays unprofessional behaviour from the word go can quickly send you back to the drawing board in your tiring search for the perfect remodelling expert for your bathroom. If you need a company that will make your bathroom renovation idea exceptional, we are just a phone call away. Our friendly customer care staff is on the phone waiting for your call. On the other end, our highly trained team of experts is on the fully equipped fleet waiting to be the next guests on your door step.


Hiring a bathroom remodelling company without verifying whether they are fully licensed by the authorities is suicidal. We are fully licenced, and do all our businesses by the law. We have the following valid and verifiable licences;

  • A contractor’s licence
  • A trade licence
  • A builder’s licence
  • A home renovations licence.

These permits ensure;

  • We pay taxes to the Australian government hence contributing to the development of the nation
  • We do our business while abiding by the law of the land
  • We offer quality artistry to our clients
  • We have a legal framework in case of a lawsuit


Imagine you had some workers remodelling your Liverpool bathroom. One of them trip off and fall breaking his/her neck. What would be your next move? Would you be willing to chuck out some bucks from your pocket and pay the hospital bills? If this happens, you can be in deep trouble if you are not insured. This is the reason why we are fully insured. With our general insurance cover, you can stay lest assured that our staff and your family are fully protected in case something happens when working on your bathroom.

Before we sign a contract with you, we will humbly provide you with copies of all our insurances from authorized insurers. With them in your possession, you have a guarantee that you are not only working with a bathroom renovations company but with the best that Liverpool can provide.

Service Range

Our firm provides a wide array bathroom remodelling services to cater for any need. No project is too big, or too small for us. We undertake minor repairs, major renovations as well as complete overhauls.

To assure the client of quality services, we employ the newest cutting edge techniques. We have devised innovative ways which ensure we provide the unique customized services in town. In addition, we use genuine products that were tested and proven to work and safe. This guarantees our customers of excellent service that will last a lifetime.


Many potential clients face challenges while searching for a bathroom tiler or renovator. With too much information in the market, it becomes tough to separate the facts from the hype. One of the best ways of having the right facts is reading various reviews of a contractor. Since establishment, our firm has brought numerous reviews coming from all quarters. By looking at the reviews, it is clear why we remain a top choice for many. We are praised for offering professional, top-quality, safe, affordable, and also reliable services.

Selecting a good bathroom renovator should not be a difficult job. Also, you shouldn’t spend too much effort and time fretting about the right service. The above aspects should inspire you to talk to us today. We take pride in being one of the few revered firms in the region with regards to remodelling and renovating bathrooms. No task or bathroom is too big for us. For more information about our services, simply visit us online or call us. Talk with us today and experience what stress-free bathroom renovation and remodelling is all about.

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