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Number One quality bathroom renovators in the North Shore. We are experts in all aspects of bathroom design, remodelling and makeovers - from small bathroom makeovers through to luxury bathroom redesigns and large bathroom makeovers.

A bathroom is a must-have for any modern home on the North Shore. However, a bathroom can really transform you interior space into an enviable piece of art if everything is done right. When it comes to bathroom renovations, remodeling and construction, we are the right company you should approach. Building bathrooms may sometimes become a stressful task if you are not working with the right company or if you unfortunately reached out to an unreliable bathroom renovation service provider. But with us, we can guarantee you peace of mind while we build an appealing and functional bathroom that will fit the needs of your family. Choosing our company to do the job for you will prove that bathroom renovations are not as tasking as they sound. Do you need any kind of bathroom that will suit various needs? No problem. We are here at your service.

Why choose us? Good question! The following are the main reasons why you should consider working with us.


The first thing that you should consider when choosing the company that will remodel your bathroom is their reputation. Nobody wants to work with a company that delivers low quality services. On the North Shore, we are a company known for providing affordable and excellent bathroom renovation services. Since our company’s establishment, we worked hard to make a good reputation by making sure that we do not only meet the demands of our clients but we also go out of our way to exceed their expectations.


Our company’s years of experience in the field of bathroom renovations have gained the trust of our clients. We assure you that you will get the value of your money by using these experiences to come up with new, exciting ideas and methods in order to build the bathroom you always dreamed of. Our company will also provide you with our most experienced professional technicians who are committed to meeting your standards and in building bathrooms that will remain sturdy and functional throughout the test of time.

Clear and Honest Communication

To us, your project is of great importance. We are completely aware that without it, we would not be in business. We, therefore, take ample time to work with you and help construct your dream bathroom. Throughout the process, we lay out a well-planned communication strategy. From the time we start to the time we finish, we;

  • Meet
  • Consult
  • Talk and,
  • Ensure we fully understand all your needs

Clear and honest communication helps us in ensuring that we execute our mandate of ensuring we transform your dream into a stunning reality.

Licensed and Insured

Today’s market is clogged with thousands of bathroom remodeling companies. Most of them, however, are not built to offer services to their clients, but to steal their sweat. Most of them are not licensed nor insured, thus they are able to succeed in their missions. This is the reason why we have gone an extra mile to legitimize our business. We have all the permits and insurances as required by the authorities.

Once you visit our company, we will be quick to show you these important documents, and even give you some copies so that you can carefully study them. By signing a contract with us, you are committing yourself in the hands of a company that will guarantee your safety while offering cutting-edge services that cannot be found in any other bathroom renovation company on the North Shore.

Service Range

In line with providing quality bathroom renovation services, we make sure that our employees remain updated with the latest trends and machines used in building bathrooms so that we can provide you with a wide range of bathroom remodeling services. We take all projects seriously, whether big or small. We will always make it a point that our finished product is of high quality. Our bathroom renovation experts can also assist you in choosing the right bathroom theme that will suit the structure of your home and the needs of your loved ones. We guarantee you that whatever model you choose; we will only use the best material suitable for your bathroom design.

We Care

Yes, we care. As a client, you are our major stakeholder hence taking care of you is our obligation.

  • We care about your property
  • We care about your privacy
  • We care about your budget
  • We care about your needs and preferences
  • We care about exceeding all your expectations
  • We care about the quality of products you need
  • We care about the hygiene of you premises during the entire renovation period
  • We care about your safety
  • Most importantly, we care about you and your loved ones

Skilled Workmanship

We have the most skilled personnel on the North Shore. With formal education on the job, and numerous on-the-job training they receive on regular basis, you can be lest assured that the people working on your project are not quacks but professionals in the field. They will not leave your compound until they are sure that you are satisfied with their work.


Aside from making a background check of a certain bathroom remodeling service provider, it will also be helpful to read a number of reviews given by real, previous customers. This will help you decide if this company will meet your expectations. We are very proud that even if we had been in this industry for so many years, we managed to meet the demands of our clients. We have plenty of positive customer feedbacks because of our affordable quotations, high quality project outcomes and excellent customer service.

We understand that it is not easy to find a company that will build the perfect bathroom in an affordable price for you. Let us help you. Our company has perfected the art of making high quality bath areas in a reasonable price. Our experienced renovation experts are always ready to help you in achieving the functional and stylish bathroom you always wanted. If you have any questions, feel free to visit us today or give us a call. Our friendly customer service representatives will be very glad to assist you.

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