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Number One quality bathroom renovators in Penrith. We are experts in all aspects of bathroom design, remodelling and makeovers - from small bathroom makeovers through to luxury bathroom redesigns and large bathroom makeovers.

Is choosing the best bathroom renovation service causing you sleepless nights? Are you thinking about remodeling your current bathroom? Or do you plan on installing a new bathroom? Like lots of people, your desire is not only to possess a completely functional bathroom, but additionally, a classy bath area. However, choosing the right contractor can be quite tasking. Who do you talk to? Which renovator has best service? How do you get an affordable service? Well, there’s no need to worry anymore. You simply need to call us today. Why Us? Due to the following:


One of the key goals of finding an excellent renovator is reputation. What does the public say regarding the contractor? How efficient is the bathroom tiler? What type of comments and reviews do customers give regarding the renovation expert? How good will the remodeling company handle customers? These questions play a crucial role in finding a reliable and trustworthy renovator. You shouldn’t spend much of your time following up or arguing with a contractor, right?


When you are evaluating a good firm to handle the renovations within the bathroom, people always wish to receive quality service. And the only method to become assured on this is simply by interacting with an expert renovator. For several years, we’re offering first class service in your neighborhood and beyond. Our firm delivers a crew of dedicated and skilled contractors who leave nothing to chance. We always communicate with leading firms and professionals to make sure that our service not just meets but in addition, exceed the set standards.

Having worked on a broad range of bathroom renovation solutions in Penrith, we have the knowledge to work on any problem you are facing with your bathroom and solve it promptly. Whether you need a bathroom design, complete remodeling, demolition and removal, or supply and installation of all fixtures, we have done it all for years. We will deliver in no time. All you need is to pick your phone and call us, we will be there before you know it.

Customer Care

Have you ever called a company and the person on the receiving end is rude or is unable to answer your queries in a satisfactory manner? How do you feel if you sign a contract with a company that never replies to your emails or text messages? It is a bad feeling, huh? We have invested in training our staff on excellent interpersonal skills and customer relations techniques. When you call, a friendly customer care agent will pick your call. He/she will answer all your queries and if they are a bit technical, you will be directly connected to a professional.

Are you worried about your emails and social media comments? Don’t worry! We have our personnel online ready to answer to all your queries whether via email, text messages or social media comments. Try us now.

Professional Advice

Sometimes, you have so many bathroom remodeling ideas in mind that you are perplexed on the best which can suit your ultra-modern Penrith home. You ask from friends and family but still, you cannot get the right answer. If you are in such a situation, worry no more. We are here to offer you with the best professional advice that you cannot get anywhere else.

Our team of experts will pay a visit to you home, assess your interior space, take measurements, keenly listen to your ideas, and develop the best designs that will suit your home with you. They will then give advice on the best bathroom model that will make your home stand out. After you have agreed, they will offer you with a free estimate of what you will be expected to pay and once you are ready, they will come and actualize the design in no time.

Licences and Insurances

In Penrith, some companies will sign a contract with you without showing you all the insurances and licenses that are required by the law. Once a problem arises, you find yourself in deep trouble with the authorities. With us, you are safe. We will never take a pen and paper and sign a contract without letting you verify that we have all documents that are stipulated by various authorities in Australia. We have all the insurance covers that ensure all our artisans working in your premises are protected and that you and your loved ones are compensated in case a work-related calamity strikes in the course of our activities.

Service Range

Our firm provides a wide range of bathroom renovation to cater for any kind of need. We undertake minor repairs, major renovations as well as complete overhauls. To assure the customer of quality services, we employ the newest cutting edge methods. In addition, we use genuine products that have been tested and proven to work and are safe to use. This guarantees our customers of quality service that can last for years.


Many potential customers face challenges while searching for their bathroom tiler. With so much information out there, it becomes challenging to separate the truth from the hype. One of the best means of obtaining the right facts is reading various reviews of a company. Since establishment, our firm has acquired numerous reviews coming from all quarters. By going through the reviews, it can be clear why we still remain a top choice for most people. We’re praised for providing professional, top-quality, safe, affordable, and reliable services.

Picking a good bathroom renovator shouldn’t be a difficult task. Also, you shouldn’t spend too much effort and time being concerned about the right service. The aforementioned aspects should inspire you to speak with us today. We take pride as being one of the revered firms in the region in regard to remodeling and renovating bathrooms. No task or bathroom is simply too big for us. Fore more information about our services, simply visit us online or call us. Talk to us today and experience what stress-free bathroom renovation and remodeling is all about.

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