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The bathroom is the second most common remodeling target after the kitchen. A homeowner’s desire to renovate their bathroom can be triggered by a number of reasons, such as a leaking tap, stained bathroom walls or just changing trends in bathroom decor, to name a few. The benefits of renovation are as numerous as the reasons for renovating. Improved bathroom aesthetics, safety, and increase in re-sale value of a home are the key benefits of bathroom remodeling. It is estimated that the resale value of a home can increase by as much as 20% after a good bathroom renovation. One of the most important factors to consider before embarking on a bathroom remodeling project is the bathroom renovation costs.

“All Out” Or Staged Renovation?

Bathroom renovation costs in Sydney will depend on a number of factors, first among them is how the renovation is to be undertaken. Bathroom renovations can take two forms – i) “all out” renovation; and ii) remodeling in stages. An all out renovation will entail the complete overhaul of the bathroom’s interior and will most probably involve plumbing and electrical work and other complex services. Therefore, an all out renovation will cost more compared to renovating in stages, which entails renovating specific areas of the bathroom at a time.

In any renovation project it is important and advisable to purchase quality parts for replacement to avoid bearing the cost of replacing or repairing the installed parts after a short period of time. The purpose of renovating is to make the bathroom appear and feel better than before renovation. Thus it will make no sense purchasing cheap parts that will break after a short period rendering the renovation process useless or redundant.

Renovation Budget

Planning a budget is important when embarking on a remodeling project. The total bathroom renovation costs will be dependant on the budget. The percentages of the different parts to be installed will vary. The cost of replacing the cabinetry and any other hardware can amount to 16% of the total budget. The repair of taps and overall plumbing is estimated to be 14% of the total renovation cost. In the case of countertop replacement, the replacement may take up a meager 7% of the cost of renovation. The floor and doors and windows will take up 9 and 4 percent respectively of the total amount of renovating the bathroom.

Labour takes the largest share of the renovation cost, a whopping 20% of the total budget. The design fees and any other services, if any, will take up about 4% and 1% respectively. Renovating a bathroom in Sydney may be a costly affair depending on the type of renovation you want, but it is a worthwhile venture. It is possible to estimate the total bathroom renovation costs by inspecting the various areas of the bathroom that are to be renovated. This helps a homeowner financially prepare in advance for the task of renovating their bathroom.

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