Press Release 29 Nov 2017 : Sydney Bathroom Reno Masters, Quality Bathroom Renovators

Sydney, Australia – Bathrooms are a great place to begin the journey to renovating a home. They are private yet the perfect place to experiment with different ideas. For a house with several bathrooms, each can be given a new feel to enjoy the full spectrum of options available. To provide expert bathroom renovation services, Sydney Bathroom Reno Masters use the highest quality materials and well-trained crew ensuring their clientele around Sydney and it’s environs have the bathroom they have always envisioned.

According to the company spokesman, Fred Field, “We are the one-stop source for all your bathroom remodeling needs.” This company is one of the premier bathroom remodelers and renovators with years of experience and customer satisfaction in all of their projects. He further adds, “Our work removes the stress, mess, and skyrocketing cost of managing a traditional model bathroom.”

The company offers a myriad of services including renovating showers using the highest quality modern shower fixtures, overhauling the bathroom to give it a fresh, high-end finish, installing new water saving toilets, and repairing/replacing tapware, vanities and basins, towel and hand-rails, and light fittings. All of which is achieved with competitive pricing. Sydney Bathroom Reno Masters is a company that firmly believes in making their services and products affordable while maintaining high quality in the work done and the materials used.

For clients who do not want the whole nine yards of reinstalling the bathroom, the company offers resurfacing services instead of replacing or they limit the use of tiles. They also update the fixtures instead of renovating the whole space and give their clients sound advice on how to save on costs even when they do not want to renovate. Their work is not limited to only big bathrooms. They have solutions for small bathrooms ranging from bathroom designs to material options.

Sydney Bathroom Reno Masters uses contractors who are versatile and are knowledgeable about tiling options, use best safe practices, and are insured and licensed. The materials they choose to work with are durable, safe, easy to use, functional, and will adapt to the needs of the home regardless of the size of the bathroom.

At Sydney Bathroom Reno Masters the customer service is exceptional and clients are attended to by personnel who like to listen to the client’s thoughts on their project.

Give them a call at 02-8607-8041 to schedule an appointment. The company representative will visit the site and discuss the project with the client. They can also be reached via email at or visit their website at