How To Start The Bathroom Renovation You Dream Of Having

There are so many homeowners that are gushing over how new and shiny their bathroom is after they have started their renovation. Thus, it is really a good project to initiate bathroom renovation, so that you will see for yourself the innate beauty that you could unleash for your bathroom. You will be pleased at where you are placing or investing your money into and that you can always be proud to show your newly renovated bathroom to your visitors. It is really a great thing to have all things prepared for great things to come.

There will be a lot of challenges that you will encounter as you are going to begin with the bathroom renovation, yet the most important thing to always remember is that you need to ensure that proper planning is done so that the execution would be perfect. There are a lot of matters that you will need to settle first so that you will always get the right outcome in the end, and to prepare you for it, you must read the details below.

W&D Renovates – A Pattern Happy Basement Bathroom

I can’t tell you how nice it is have a shiny new place to take a shower in this house. For being built in the 1920s, the bones are great, but the plumbing… not so much! When we bought the house we had only one measly bathroom on the third floor and an, ahem, “open-air” throne in the basement next to the laundry.  Fast forward to our renovation last summer, and we now have a basement that acts as our family room, a powder room for guests on the main floor, and after some additional dust and debris, now an extra full bath in the basement!!

Now, we’re really saving our pennies to go full out on the bathroom on the 2nd floor. But the basement bath is all about getting the most bang for our buck with great quality materials and design decisions that make an impact without spending thousands on tile work. Still, I wanted the space to feel anything but builder grade!

This bathroom was originally inspired the this blog post. We ended up moving away from the idea of black fixtures and decided rather to connect the design palette with all the choices we had already made throughout the main floor and basement: keep it light, bright, and fresh. It is, after all, a basement with few windows! After our first round of design inspiration, we had this rendering from McDonald Remodeling. Get more info about bathroom renovation when you click here…

As you begin your bathroom renovation, you must always remember about whether you need to hire a professional or not. Keep in mind that if you hire one, then you can always be assured of great results and plans that are perfectly executed, yet you must be prepared to spend a fortune for the professional that you have hired. On the other hand, you can always do it yourself, but you can never be assured that you will be saved from so many hassles.

Planning A Bathroom Remodel: DIY, or Hire a Pro?

So, you’re in the mood to make some bathroom improvements, inspired by makeover stories you read online and see on TV? Whether you’re planning a half bath makeover, pine for a spa-like retreat at home, or want modest updates to refresh a space, there are many aspects of a bathroom makeover that you can learn to do yourself (proudly). Learn what upgrades you can learn to do, and what tasks you should consider hiring out to a pro.

  • You can buy a new, modern sink top to fit the existing base, and while the top is removed, update the finish with paint or gel stain (gel stain is a personal favorite for transforming the look of builder basic oak, and it’s easy to apply). 

  • If the style of the bevels and trim on the doors doesn’t match your style, you can also get replacement doors and drawer fronts to size. Most units have standard size fronts, which makes them easy to replace. To get more details about hiring professionals for your bathroom renovation, visit

These factors are what you should always keep in check. In a way, you will always be given the chance to see how you can benefit from the services that these professionals will render to you. It is important that you have chosen the best professionals to assist you in all matters that require advance help and that you can always rely on their creative minds and works fully. There are so many things that you should always list and take note about in this bathroom renovation project so that you will never miss a single thing that has to be done.